Close, but… Who else isn’t Brummie of the Year?

Having led at different times, both our fourth and third placed Brummies could well have won the big title. But they didn’t.

Little Chris of Brumcast (14%, 405 Votes) Little Chris of Brumcast — in a Brum music scene that has the music, but not really the “scene” to make it easy to package and publicise, Chris’s podcast is a great way to find new and interesting local bands. If he didn’t do it, it doesn’t look like it’d get done and that is reason enough to give him a sincere vote of thanks.

comedy cv - the UK's largest collection of comedians biogs and photosBarbara Nice (20%, 566 Votes) Barbara Nice might have won had she solicited votes at rather than “.com” (which has been owned by some American domain squatter for about 5 years), but I’m sure she won’t let it get her down. Before a late run from Paul Murphy it was a joy to be able to say “1st Nice, 2nd Doom” (or vice-versa), and pitch the Brummie of the Year Award as a battle for the soul of Birmingham. It’s now best to picture Nice and Doom as contrasting parts of the same coin — perhaps arguing on Paul Murphy’s shoulders, trying to drag him to the dark and to the light. Barbara is not only a comedy genius, but an angel guiding Birmingham in the right direction.

But — who is Brummie of the Year 2008? Stay tuned.

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