Birmingham may lose leisure facilities to pay for Olympic swimming pool – Birmingham Post

"A senior local authority official admitted that older venues might have to go as the council looks to close a £30 million funding gap to provide a prestigious 50-metre pool by 2012. Assets including “unproductive” leisure land may be disposed of in order to fund the project, according to assistant director of sports and events Steve Hollingworth." [link]

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  1. srb
    12 December 2008 at 11:38 am

    I’m pretty sure this fits into the Council’s Big City plan. I mean if you asked people in the city what they would prefer – local public facilities all over the city or a single Olympic sized training pool I am pretty sure they would all want the pool. After all it would only be a couple of buses or a bus and a train to get out to it and that would increase the public transit numbers helping the city hit its green targets while walking to a local facility, so far, doesn’t require recordable ticket purchases adding nothing to council metrics.

    They left out a lot of words that contain ‘city’ in their Big City plan themes in the Forward supplement :


    No doubt the sale and closure of public facilities will benefit some developers who will set about building the new modern-living flats or as Brummies used to know them Back-to-Backs, though these are without even the shared courtyards. Then they will let sit empty until the housing market reinflates.

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