Big City Plan – speak now or forever, er, don’t

Birmingham City Council - Birmingham Big City Plan - Big City Plan Work In ProgressYou can now be consulted about the ‘Big City Plan‘. Just to be cynical for a moment, it’s hard to see what we’re being consulted on when so much is already decided: Eastside Locks, Westside, white elephant shaped Olympic Swimming Pools, not having a Creative Director… but I’ve not had the time to delve into the huge wodge of text yet (it only went live a few minutes ago).

Maybe it’s good to have the consultation period over Christmas when people might have time off, or maybe that’s a bit stupid as people are busy. Maybe having two documents — a “leaflet” and a “work in progress” — to consult on is confusing.

But if you want to at least feel you’ve had a say in the “next 25 years” then you’ve got no choice other than to digest all this stuff and make your views heard.

The online consultation is happening at this site. Go read, please. This stuff is too important to be left to the usual suspects.

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  1. 12 December 2008 at 1:45 pm

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  2. 12 December 2008 at 2:29 pm

    There’s enough issues to be discussed re: The Big City Plan to keep people talking to at least Feb 6th (end of consultation period). I’d just like to touch on the ‘FAMILY CITY’ subsection. Birmingham has a recent history of redevelopments who bring in an influx of people who then object to the ‘vibrant’ centre hubub that was sold to them in the first place. At least one Pub has been closed via this scenario and now some of Digbeth’s entertainment centre’s are facing a similar threat. I’m not sure how attracting families to a City Centre squares with also providing entertainment to the cross section of Brums nightlife?, can a ‘living’ modern City Centre really be family friendly?.

    Midge (ex Fiddle and Bone regular)

  3. dp
    12 December 2008 at 11:14 pm

    re: ‘you’ve got no choice other than to digest all this stuff and make your views heard’, I suspect that it ain’t necessarily so. If you register and log in, then use the Who Said What? function to List All comments, you’ll see that while most are pretty straightforward Support/Oppose statements, there are a few more creative ones, such as that offered by Paul Instone.

    I’d say do as Paul has done, and just get in there and have fun. A dozen willfully creative people could add a very important dimension to the relatively dry input from other quarters.

    Even if you don’t do it quite that way, you can still comment on items individually. Look at how people are responding to the ‘build new houses on greenbelt’ option.

  4. 12 December 2008 at 11:24 pm

    >I suspect that it ain’t necessarily so

    Sorry dp, don’t get you – while it would be possible to randomly comment whatever you like on any bit you want (except the bits – like the Digital Connectivity section – that don’t seem to let you) I’m sure it’s more useful to everyone to read the sections and comment where your point is relevant.

    What i meant was of course “go read it and have your say”, it is of course better if you try to understand what the councileese means too.

    btw. I actually think a lot of the comments available from the searches are from the “Core Strategy Issues and Options Consultation” – long since closed. It doesn’t seem to be possible to filter.

    I left a comment at about 12pm today and it isn’t on the site as it hasn’t been moderated – so how many there are to see I don’t know. And with no RSS or other means to subscribe, it’s not going to be easy to find out.

  5. dp
    13 December 2008 at 8:59 am

    hi Jon,

    I was thinking about the ‘no choice but to digest’ part, and that earlier comments on the Core Strategy consultation looked spontaneous, even to the point of ignoring the set questions. Whether one should stick to answering the questions as they are set is a point that can be argued either way, and I was trying to inject a bit of ‘don’t let the questions or the councilspeak put you off, just get in there and say what you want to say’.

    BTW, the preponderance of ‘core strategy consultation’ comments was confusing, given that the consultation isn’t even shown. Also, the search function seems largely unsuitable, as it didn’t produce any results for words within the consultation documents.

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