Big City Plan – speak now or forever, er, don’t

Birmingham City Council - Birmingham Big City Plan - Big City Plan Work In ProgressYou can now be consulted about the ‘Big City Plan‘. Just to be cynical for a moment, it’s hard to see what we’re being consulted on when so much is already decided: Eastside Locks, Westside, white elephant shaped Olympic Swimming Pools, not having a Creative Director… but I’ve not had the time to delve into the huge wodge of text yet (it only went live a few minutes ago).

Maybe it’s good to have the consultation period over Christmas when people might have time off, or maybe that’s a bit stupid as people are busy. Maybe having two documents — a “leaflet” and a “work in progress” — to consult on is confusing.

But if you want to at least feel you’ve had a say in the “next 25 years” then you’ve got no choice other than to digest all this stuff and make your views heard.

The online consultation is happening at this site. Go read, please. This stuff is too important to be left to the usual suspects.

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