Month: November 2008

Eleven bus route reports

People are still getting their reports from 11-11-11 (you remember, a load of people spent 11 hours on the 11 bus) online. I’ve just finished a pyschogeographical report, there have been contributions from TWM Driver, Tom Lennon and loads more…

To Let?

On Flickr, star-one collects these To Let signs within a couple hundred yards of the Central Library and asks: “what makes anybody think it’s worth building yet more?”.

Owls – low key teaser promo

I’m putting this up out of love for the sheer audacity, the Gallery Of Owls (in Woodbridge Rd, Moseley, no website to link to) have sent us this press release. This is it, no text, no nothing. Best of all…

2009 is “Mathew Boulton Year”

Apparently. “Matthew Boulton (1728-1809) is arguably the individual with the greatest historic significance associated with Birmingham, a city internationally-renowned for nurturing innovation, aspiration and industry.” [link]

Kerrang! radio Rebrand?

According to the Guardian Bauer Radio is considering dropping the Kerrang! brand from its West Midlands rock station. Are we not metal enough? [link]

Birmingham Central: Big City Plan

The ever exhaustive Birmingham Central blog has been rounding up a lot of stuff about the council's Big City Plan. Maybe I'm just jaded, but I haven't got round to reading it all yet. [link]

Harborne gets a website

It uses frames, and won’t be easily searchable, but it’s a website for “Harborne Village” all the same. [link]

Look up

This is really nice, and shows that the illustrator may well have been up King’s Heath High St. by i heart joan (via CiB)

Pebble Mill at One, by No Rock And Roll Fun

No Rock And Roll Fun is spending Sunday at Pebble Mill, digging up the oddest and best musical perfromances from the show from YouTube. They feature "pointless shots of the band performing, long-lens stylee, from outside the asbestos-riddled Birmingham HQ…