Eleven bus route reports

People are still getting their reports from 11-11-11 (you remember, a load of people spent 11 hours on the 11 bus) online. I’ve just finished a pyschogeographical report, there have been contributions from TWM Driver, Tom Lennon and loads more all at elevenbus.co.uk (click on ‘Recording’ to see them all).

There are some great photos too, including this one taken by Alicja Rogalska:

See all of the pics from the fisheye set here.

Alicja is researching art and public transport, and with gentle nudging has started a blog all about it.

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  1. David Middleton
    27 November 2008 at 9:26 am

    I think this photograph epitomises the view from the top of any West Midlands on its final passenger run on a typical Friday night, I am feeling drunk just looking at it. Are those vomit splashes on the window? With the bendy lamposts it seems that the artist has captured the precise moment before the rainbow yawn. One can only imagine the joy on the bus driver’s face when he got to stay to clean it up back at the depot. Beautiful.

    I am contemplating compiling a list of Fascinating Bus Journeys of the West Midlands. Does anyone have any favourites? Mine has to be the 126 from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, stunning scenery, friendly natives and hours of fun.

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