Brummie of the Year 2008 – Nominations open

Who will follow in the bootsteps of landlord extraordinaire John Tighe, blues hobo Charlie Mitton, dancer-under-the-stars Malik, cricketer Jason Furnell and red panda Babu? Only the people of Birmingham can decide — after the nominations have been assessed by a panel.
Brummie of the Year 2005 - Birmingham: It's Not Shit

But nominations are now open and you’re welcome to list any Brummie or Brum resident that has put Birmingham on the map this year. How about “world’s worst boxer” Peter Buckley (although I’m sure he’s better than me)? Or Brummies for Obama leader Adam Smith?

Maybe there’s an old dear who’ll be so excited by Kilroy in the Jungle that the orange man of British politics will triumph? Or is this the year that Metal will force it’s denim and leather clad way into the forefront? Wouldn’t it be great if concrete won out and we’ll recognise John Madin architectural genius behind the Central Library?

All that we know is that the nominations wil close at 9am Sunday 23rd November and the voting will open the next day. Leave your nominations, with a reason, in the comments — and feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.