WUMPTY says… get on the eleven

West Midlands Buses

Not only are the bus company not upset about my encouraging you to spent 11 hours on the 11c on the 11th of November, they’ve said I can borrow a bus to do some publicity shots. That’s right, let me borrow a bus.

And today while doing a bit of 11-related research I found out that there was a song that was “a tribute” to the outer circle — not only that but it’s on the interweb for downloading for nowt. Outer Circle by Woodbine.

See you on the 11C in three weeks.

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  1. 22 October 2008 at 12:57 pm

    I love the 11 and will be taking part in this.

    When my sister and I were nippers, our Nan and Granddad took us on a trip one summers evening. We got on the 11 at the bottom of Hawthorne Road in Kingstanding, rode the full circuit with sandwiches and pop and got off several hours later in the same spot. It’s something that’s always stayed with me and, I think, should be a Brummie rite of passage.

    By the way…..Myself and Jacob Hickey (late of the BBC, now in Australia) had this very idea a few years back. We kicked around the idea of a one-day extravaganza on the 11 before quickly realising that we’d need to either a) do it outselves or b) run cap-in-hand to some nebulous public funds hoover, so we consigned the plan to the growing pile of Great Pub Plans That Never Were.

    Congratulations, then, for making it a reality – however you did it – and good luck.

  2. 22 October 2008 at 1:24 pm

    Shows how easy the internet has made things, I just threw up a webpage and it was happening ;)

    First time I ever did the full circuit was when I filmed it, but I’ve heard of many people spending the day riding round and round. I worked with Jacob for a bit and he never mentioned he was an 11 route affictionardo, although we were trying to organise a BBC party in the tunnels under the Mailbox (nixed for health and safety reasons).

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