Up the cut

Although the price is pushing it towards Christmas-present-for-dad-with-canal-obsession territory, there’s no doubting the beauty of the photos in the new book ‘The Cut’:

Black Country Nostalgia - Home Page

“Peter Donnelly’s evocative photographs taken during the 1960’s, record the time and his verse the surroundings and its many wonders. The two albums have been created recently by his son Simon after finding some layouts his father did for two books he intended to publish. The first called “The Cut” includes pictures and verse about the Black country. Although Peter was born in Birmingham he moved to Cradley Heath after getting married. The area’s Pete Photographed during this time include Brierley Hill, Hawne Basin, Cradley Heath, Netherton, Round Oak Steel Works (Merry Hill)”

Birmingham and Black Country Nostalgia, is the appropriately named site to go and investigate further. It’s a step up from the photocopies of old bus tickets nostalgia books we guiltily enjoy.