The youth of Saturday 8th October at Millennium Point

I’ve just noticed that the Gigbeth line up/stages times programme is starting to take shape — and points to Musical Youth on the Saturday evening. Yay.

Glad that the area covered seems to be more compact this year, and that times are a little less fuzzy – you can start planning now. I also hear that the Ticket Shop at the base of the Rotunda will again be selling tickets, last year this was the place to go to get them without a booking fee. [link]

1 comment for “The youth of Saturday 8th October at Millennium Point

  1. Pick-me-ups
    15 October 2008 at 3:02 pm

    Having enjoyed much of Birmingahm Arts fest, looking forward to gigbeth again this year.

    I hope to see and hear MIDAS and Fillmore Gears again; two great local bands.

    I am particularly keen the former who are rumoured to be working with The Animal Farm brothers (Ejector Seat & One Night Only) and kicking up a bit of a storm with our Celtic cousins in deepest darkest Mid-Wales of all places!!

    Be interesteing to see how they have progressed since ditching management and going back to their DIY roots.

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