Gigbeth blog rumblings

Over on the Gigbeth blog they've took a rather harsh line on what I considered to be a quick witisism by Midge Diabolik. He made a quick quip about D:Ream – they got a bit defensive.

When you're programming a deliberately diverse music event it's obvious that not everybody will like everything that's on – and catty remarks about bands you find distasteful is probably the mainstay of the British music press. So I'm surprised that they're suprised really.

I'm really looking forward to the Young Knives, but find Guillemots boring. I'm excited by the Sugarhill Gang, but non-plussed by the revival of D:Ream. That's how it goes.

Btw Gigbeth dudes and dudettes, there's something wrong with your WordPress installation — probably to do with where the site thinks the blog is installed (hence links and pages are up the spout) drop us a line if you'd like a bit of help. [link]

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