Eleven is One in a Hundred

The eleven bus route was considered to be one of the hundred best things about Birmingham in a supplement put together by the Birmingham Post.

In a very BiNS style they also gave props to the Aston Expressway, the Inner Ring Road — in fact, to blow our ragman’s trumpet for a moment you only have to consume the local media these days to see how much closer to “the people” they’re getting, I’d like to think our six years of mild sarcasm has contributed to that.

While eulogising the famous circle they mention our 11-11-11 project:
download.pdf (page 26 of 40)

11-11-11 will soon have a proper home at elevenbus.co.uk, for planning and a sort of “pre ride” collection of thoughts. Book the eleventh of November off work now.

The 100 Things pull-out can be read online – slowly, it’s packed full of images – here. If you click on ‘menu’ you can download a PDF which should be a little easier.