Dr Sketchy's Burlesque Life Drawing

Shona finds out that you can find, in Brum a beery and glam life drawing session:

“Life drawing sessions are a staple for artists, but I’m often a little daunted that I’ll be in a room with hardcore pros who will make my efforts wither to a pulp. The added bonus of beer should, hopefully, detract from this. I like the potential for a greater amount of informality in the occasion with Dr. Sketchy’s. Not to the point of getting trashed and not being able to draw, but to be drawing from life in an environment outside the normal assumed constrains of a studio with models who offer a different take on the subject. Burlesque is glam. Glam is good”

I can’t draw for toffee (has anyone ever been asked to draw for toffee?), but this is very cool. [link]