Cold war kids

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With Russia an even less predictable place that it ever was under communism, with nuceloid bombs proliferating around the world, with bird flu and zombies a constant threat it might be a good time to work out where your nearest bunker is.

You can’t get into the Anchor Exchange (which is below the BT Tower, tunnels leading outwards under the city), but there are other underground options — like the Shirley ‘War Room’ pictured above. Shirley is one of “13 regional war rooms built between 1951 and 1953. It is one of a network of bunkers built shortly after the war… now obsolete”.

The Subterranean Britannica website has pictures and discussion of tons of these things around the country (as well as more around Brum), so you can plan to never be more than four minutes away from a bolt hole of your own.