You can’t win a raffle without buying a ticket

Fancy a whole page of a newspaper to do what you like with? Some KLF-style “Abandon All Art Now” proclamation, or just a real big F— off to someone you hate? Can’t afford the £15,00 that would cost in The Guardian?

How does a quid sound?

The Eccentric City’s “international” prize draw offers just that.

It’ll be drawn on Tuesday 23rd September 2008, at sometime after 7.30pm at the Anchor Pub in Digbeth.

There’ll also be an Eccentric Auction and ale:

“For those that made the Eccentric Auction last December will be familiar with the format. A cross between Ebay and a CarBoot, we sell items ranging from 3p to a little bit more it all depends on the crowd and what we have in our eccentric goodie bag!

If you feel generous and eccentric enough to bring an item for the auction and to help us raise much needed funds for our free emotional newspaper, then please bring them along on the night!

Thanks to Gerry at the Anchor Pub once more. He is also honouring us with another Eccentric Ale – The Butler and Lord Mayor Eccentric City beer.”

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