Pilau talk

Great to see so many people at Stan’s Café‘s ‘Of All The People In All The World’ — the show where there is a grain of rice for every person on the planet. That’s a lot of rice, some on it’s own, some in piles that would soak up a skip full of balti.

What could be a spectacular but worthy and static thing is brought to life wonderfully, by the factory setting — that remains untouched — and by the playful statistics sitting along with the serious. You might find grains lurking where a missing brick should be, or tucked into a foreman’s room. You can tell it gets people thinking, there are conversations happening all around the venue.

And it’s ever changing, there were three or four statistics added while we were there — a couple tiny, but some a bag or two in size. The proper seventies sitcom brown overalls are great too:
A new statistic

The factory even smells good, I’m guessing that moisture in the air plus the few rays of sun that have snuck out are slowly resulting in George Orwell and co cooking.

You can see plenty of photos and reactions on a website built just for that purpose — thericeshow.com (I had a hand in it) — that collects anything tagged thericeshow from across the web and it’s on until the 5th of October, so you can go see the real thing.

I couldn’t resist making my own when sitting having a drink after, you can too if you’ve got some Uncle Ben’s in the cupboard:

Martin Mullaney