Month: September 2008

Mod day out

Get yer parkas out. With DJing all day and all night (er to 3am at least) and a scooter competition – 25th October at Red Babbon on Ludgate Hill. [link]

It’s a rap

“If you need a bite, there’s a chip shop on your right”, “you can laze upon the benches, with a beer to numb your senses” where? The wood of course. Chelmsley Wood. Dig it. Craig (of Commercially Inviable Records) found…

Midlands Historical Data Home Page – searchable local, military and family history books online for Birmingham and the surrounding area

Anyone doing any family tree stuff might want to pop over to this (new, I think) site, which has things like electoral rolls for Brum from 1912 to 1939. [link]

Credit crunch bites hard

While the term credit crunch always sounds like you’re borrowing breakfast cereal, I’m now as worried as the papers would like me to be. The merger of Halfax with Lloyds TSB will mean the end of one thing. Howard. Howard…

Wavy greenhouse announced

Drawings of what the new foyer of New St station is going to look like. As we can see they’ve gone for a sort of wavy greenhouse look: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! It looks nice, although we do you ever…

They’re heeeerre

According to the UFO types over at Real UFOs. A ‘strange glowing orb over Birmingham’ (not sure where, Balsall Heath?):