It’s fun to play at the M A C E

I’ve recently stumbled upon MACE — that’s the Media Archive for Central England — a government funded body that archives ” moving images held on film, video, DVD or any other carrier that relate in some way to the Midlands”.

While I doubt they’ve got every episode of Boon on VHS, they do have some of the collection online, and I’ve been investigating the Brum stuff.

Cue a newsreel from 1956 and a very patronising guy tells us why knocking things down is good:

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And this is Blues and Albion training, from 1957 – it  once included “shots of Wolverhampton Wanderers players training but these have been removed”. And a good job too, I say.

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I’ll keep digging through and post some more stuff, what’s really facinating is what they’ve got that isn’t online (yet, i hope): “a traditional ‘trussing the cooper’ ceremony for a new apprentice at the Atkinson Brewery in Birmingham.”, the “Lord Mayor sees biggest tyre in the country at Dunlop” .


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  1. 26 September 2008 at 12:05 am

    Have they got Gangsters?

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