Don’t know much about Yardley Wood

Lizzy has written a song (well the words anyway) about “the old busker who used to hang out by the HSBC on New Street by the ramp, usually in black clothes and hat”. This fella, you know:

Birmingham busker by PalastovaPix on Flickr

Birmingham busker by PalastovaPix on Flickr

“I was walking past him one day around the time of the Spotted Dog / Abacus building affair, feeling all sad about the gradual destruction of the Birmingham I got attached to when I first moved here four years ago. The busker was singing Sam Cooke’s “What A Wonderful World”, as if he WAS old Brum asking to be saved (but all the posh folk in fancy new Bullring clothes and suits seemed not to notice him, dazzled as they are by the spectacle of consumerism). My  friend says he’s been around for decades, but ever since the day I wrote this song I haven’t seen him.”

Away to the myspace to listen.

As well as writing songs, Lizzy is one of the people who run Sunday Xpress, an open mic spot at the Adam & Eve (3pm-7pm, free entry, free roast potatoes, all types of performance welcome). More info at

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