Crane school

The Birmingham Conservation Trust has a new website just gone live (disclaimer: which I’ve worked on), it’s focussed more around its blog which is nice and goes with a new look all round — logos, fonts, colours that sort of thing.

The Trust look after historic buildings in Brum, they restored the Back to Backs and made sure Perrot’s Folly could be used again — that’s some pretty important stuff.

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I love the “crane over the back-to-backs” logo, and especially how it scaled down to a brilliant fav-icon, the work of a local design firm whose name has now completely left my brain.

As well as a fresher look, there’s a bit of a modern touch in presenting flickr pics and YouTube vids that are tagged birminghamCT — there are photos already coming through, but no videos yet, so if you have any clips related to brum and buildings and so on, I’m sure the BCT would be greatful if you tagged them up.

There’s barely been a time when Brum needs people who care about our historic architecture more, long may they continue.

If you’re in a shopping mood there’s an affiliate shop that lets you buy stuff from all over the web for the same price and the BCT get’s a cut.

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