ArtsFest, help us pick the highlights

I was intending to have a shufty through the ArtsFest programme and pick out a few highlights, recommend a few things, but it’s nigh on impossible. There’s so much on, of completely varying quality, ambition, scale, genre and medium (plus very few things that I’ve ever heard of). The programme (as a doccument) for this year is much better than last years A4+ monstrosity at a handy A5 – pocket sized and as clear as it can be – unfortunately the online version is harder to navigate. To try and help I‘ve scanned up a PDF for you to puruse until you get one of the printed ones.

So I’ll only mention a few that I think might be of interest, you don’t want to hear my prejudices against Blues Brothers tribute bands, or worthy-but-not-interesting theatre groups:

Of All The People In All The World – Stan’s Café’s top rice-based experience (although this is on through and after the weekend, so you can still go later on).

You’ll be able to say “hello me old pal, me old beauty” to some of The Archers as they get their own paving slab in Broad St on Friday at 6pm, followed by an acoustic perfomance of “somemenbers of The Beat”.

Stirrer blogger and comedian Laurence Inman will be doing some stand-up at 9.55 (prompt!) at the Prince of Wales on Friday.

If you missed the Birmingham Opera Company in a Warehouse, you can see them singing in the slighly less industrial setting of the BBC (in the Mailbox) on Saturday at 12, followed later at 3 by the RSC and then by “Sissorman”, who might be a rap/poet or might do sillouettes (I’m guessing).

Soweto Kinch is part of the Nu Century Arts Jam Session in Centenary Sq at 4pm on Saturday.

There must be some of you who’ve seen and could point out some good bits? The comments are yours…

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