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Mere seconds after making a snide remark about there being no info about the Birmingham Digital Festival, the blog goes live (in fact it was transitioning from some test server as I wrote, but I couldn’t be bothered to change it). So yay for information, boo for my laziness!

Hello Digital

Hello Digital is, they say, “an unbelievable adventure to be experienced by people of all ages.” It’s at Millennium Point from the 23rd to the 26th of October.

There does look to be some cool stuff going on, although it’s buried at the moment by the lack of a programme on the site, or a list of posts, or navigation (coming soon I hope).

There is also a bit of a weird writing style pitched oddly betwixt chatty and arts funding speak – and some hilariously positive “recent comments” (for a site only just live especially – “This sounds great! Whereabouts will this be? Wherever it is I’m sure I’ll be there.” “Sounds awesome like the Antiques Roadshow for metallers!”).

SCAMP “Sonic Computer Aided Music Performance”
is looking for sound artists to contribute and sounds like it could be fun.

Metal Mania is mentioned (and something to do with this festival? I’m confused, I admit) and is an event at Wolverhampton Art Gallery to help stock up a digital archive of memories for Capsule’s metal museum (which I am very excited by):

“This is a call out to everyone – hard core fans, enthusiasts, local historians from the Midlands. On Saturday, October 25, rock on down to Wolverhampton Art Gallery and bring in memorabilia, photographs and great stories recounting your experiences of metal music to help Capsule create a ‘people’s archive’ of stories, images and pictures to tell the story of this unique moment of the region’s musical heritage.”

More to come, I’m sure, and they also has a twitter.

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