In the Pavilion getting padded up

I spend a nice evening this week at the pub quiz at The Pavilion pub in Kings Heath. It was a good quiz, not too literary, not to celebrity or news obsessed, not to easy. The pub even has a website, which iI’ll direct you to in a second after this warning — like a MySpace profile of a goth band there’s a video which autoplays the minute it loads. Wait for it… go.

For those of you not into visiting pub websites, the video still has a wonderful 70s cinema-ad-for-local-carpet-shop vibe, you know the type “…only two minutes from this cinema”.

It’s embeded below. You’ll have to right-click and select “play” (the only way I could stop it playing was to set it to pause in the HTML):

I’ll be back, we might even come better than last in the quiz next time (note to self, revise Fleetwood Mac).

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  1. NRG
    14 August 2008 at 10:31 pm

    I thought I saw you there, glad you put up a post about it as I wasn’t sure. I’m not a stalker, honest! Just happened to see the photo that accompanied the 50 most powerful article. It is a good quiz, although the entertainment one on Mondays is better (mainly because we win more often)

    Haha, our team (TomTom) even gets a mention on the list of regulars on the website.

    Will slow down on the commenting now, its getting a bit weird seeing my name all over the ‘recent comments’ bit…

    p.s. We kicked your arse :P

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