Help break a World Record this week

You may have heard me mention that I’ve been working on a project called The Big Picture, well it’s culminating in Brum this weekend with the unveiling of an artwork that should break the World Record for the largest photo mosaic ever.

But, the world’s largest anything takes a lot of putting together, and for weeks now volunteers have been sticking photos together on the 288 panels that will make up the final piece. There are about 113,000 photos in all and still a lot of work to do. So, if you have any free time this week everyone working on the Big Picture would love to see you at Thinktank to help build this huge artwork.

You can turn up at any time between 10am – 4pm each day until Thursday this week (if you’d like more details see the Big Picture site).

Even if you can’t help out, you’d be very welcome at the unveiling on Saturday (23rd Aug) outside Millennium Point, the covers will come off at 2pm.

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