What’s the frequency?

Not sure if you have to be called Kenneth to enter this competition. Well I am sure, and you don’t. That would be stupid and restrictive — although funny. South Birmingham Community Radio is launching on yer actual airwaves as well as the interweb in August – on Saturday 9th at 8am.

But where to tune your radio (if you live in South Brum)? Well they’re not saying, in fact they’re offering a prize to anyone who can guess — an SBCRadio t-shirt and the chance to co-present the breakfast show for a morning.

Aspiring Terry Wogans should enter by Wednesday 23rd July — after which I guess they’ll tell us all where we can tune in.

(The RSS feeds don’t work on the site so you’ll have to check back there for updates, probably a fault of the Joomla system the website is built on).

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