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One of the first things I did when starting BiNS was to look for a free forum hosting site. The one I found was a bit rubbish, but it was free and I was on the dole. It worked though, and there has been all manner of wit and not-so-wit on the forums over the last 6-or-so years. But as more of the site started to revolve around the blog, the forums got a bit sidetracked. So much so that I would only remember to pop in every couple of weeks.

The original forums became the online equivalent of the Mercat pub — open all hours and nice, but intimidating.

So, we’ve got some new ones that have RSS feeds, tags and the like — it’s the acceptable face of regeneration. These new ones are like the Mercat, after a lick of paint, some windows put in and adding some sodding futuristic beer availability notification system.

The old forums and posts aren’t gone, they’re still online as an archive, but I’ve stopped all posting there.

You have to register to post on the new BiNS Talk — but that happens automagically, you don’t have to wait to be approved. When we sort the technical gubbins out then you’ll be registered and cookified so you can post just as easily on the blog too (I’ll also find a way to stop it calling me ‘Key Master” like some Ghostbusters reject).

We’re grown-up, you can swear, curse and talk as much bollocks as you like, but keep it legal — any racist or libellous posts will be deleted and the offenders banned. That’s just the way it has to be.

So get posting on the all-new BiNS Talk. Post your flyers, events news, fave Brummies, anecdotes, bus ticket reminiscences, whatever.

I’m quite open on the features the new Talk system has (although I’d like to keep it simple and fast loading) and how the different forums are separated out, so if you’ve got any ideas feel free to comment here (or on the forum, because I’ll be able to find it now).

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