Stereotypical French Headline Here

Ethel St in town is fast becoming Brum’s French quartier, there are two baguette shops, Chez Jules and a Café Rouge. Okay it’s not much, but you can bet it’ll be in the Big City Plan v2. In fact I’m almost tempted to open a tabac in the vacant shop, and sell only fags and stamps (how the hell do they survive?).

I also got this email the other day from a genuine French, asking for Brum-related advice. Now, I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing, but do you fancy helping them out (bonus points for pointing out Françis-esque stuff, or weak onion and snail puns).

“I’ve just seen ur web site and it makes me laugh — plus I am going to move to birmingham from france next september (erasmus programm blah blah blah)– so I though maybe YOU’d have good advice for me such as : where should I try to live and what’s gonna be fun there?