It’s not there

International art facilitator Donald Savage is a genius, if you didn’t already know a quick Google will soon fill you in. The US art producer and curator is bringing his hand-picked group of individual international invisible artists to Birmingham from the 9th to the 21st of August in Chamberlain Square.

Highlights include:

The gourmet Victorian garden – George Macdonald (UK) — “MacDonald’s street art is rather curious as he often paints small discrete symbols in the middle of the night.”

Affordable luxury – Atsuko Haru (JAPAN) — “I am pleased to have managed to invite him to perform Affordable Luxury here in Birmingham. He has a habit of using rather subtle, yet distinctive hand luggage as part of his disguise.”

To top it all he’s social media savvy too – Donald is blogging the inspiration and perspiration behind the creation. He’ll explain how he does what he does, not that we can hope to compete:

“I have self invested my own knowledgeable energies, to ensure that this exhibition effects the city of Birmingham – as a portal into psychic significance. That is all I am prepared to say at this time.”

I can’t wait to see it.