The windy city

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I’ve just found Marketing Birmingham’s flickr photostream, filled with these babies. The photos are taken in Chicago (my kind of town) where Marketing Birmingham are, erm, marketing Birmingham. The camp 1900s copper and the man in the c16th ‘Cosby sweater’ are representing us, the ladies here are Chicago-ians I think.

They don’t seem to use ‘local city with a global heart’ when marketing abroad, but ‘big city in the heart of england’.

They’re in Daley Plaza (which I assume is in the centre of Chicago somewhere) and are running a raffle for a holiday in Birmingham (advert here, you’ll have to zoom in) with  tickets for “Birmingham’s Cultural attractions … Weston Park and Ironbridge Gorge”.  Nice to see we’ve expanded, but I wonder if other tourist bodies might be a little miffed — specifically those dealing with the areas Weston Park and Ironbridge Gorge are in. Shouldn’t we be a little more proud of our own attractions? Just a question.

They’ve got Soweto Kinch and soccer demonstrations too.

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