The taste for a New Generation

The New Generation Arts Festival starts today (5th June), it has a theme: “digital utopia”, a blog: which should provide some interesting coverage and overlap with both the Climate Change Festival (both festivals, both are on a bit this week) and Get into Digital month (both have a digital theme and photography competitions) .

I like the NGA thingy, it is unafraid to be a bit weird and start things that may or may not work — today’s opening features Julian Lloyd Webber and the Birmingham Conservatoire doing a live soundtrack to a TV News bulletin, exciting in that is has a whiff of potential disaster or greatness. Do you need to be at the Town Hall to find out if it works? Yes, I think so.

There are also quite a lot of things you can get involved in, like The Emergent Game which has been going for a while. I love the idea of the game, but I think it’s still to really blossom — maybe festival time will be it.

I’ll try and cover some more of the festival in greater detail, as it happens, but feel free to leave tips, thoughts, reviews here…

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