Spaghetti, jewel of the Midlands

Elizabeth Ingram is a jewellery designer of no mean talent and — despite living in Scotland —she’s designed rings based on one of Brum’s most potent forces. She says: “I have just designed some jewellery based on Spaghetti Junction, which seems to confuse people no end as they seem to think I should be taking design inspiration from rare orchids or Picasso or something.”

“I used to travel over the Spaghetti Junction every day, and there is a beauty and chaos apparent even in its smooth concrete functionality, I wanted the attractive side of this criss-crossing mass to be there, but I wanted the dark side to lurk in the bushes, as surely we all do”

No word on the blog about whether this is the sort of thing I can afford to buy for the other half, but they’re really nice.

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