Lottery vote time is here again

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Despite the speed of the web, and my anal skim-reading of absolutely everything that mentions Brum, I still end up finding out things from the Evening Mail (or it’s 15 at a time, title only RSS feeds at least). Today I learnt that there are two projects in Brum up for Lottery Funding in one of these dreadful public votes (leading to lottery idol TV show).

Nechells Baths are looking for help with the restoration, the Lottery web-site says £1.6M (but seems to talk in the past tense) while the Mail article talks about two thousand pounds [Edit, as Dave Harte says below, this isn’t a vote for funding? I can’t make head or any other body part of it]. You can vote just with a click, without registering (think it looks at IP address, so if anyone was to continually reset their router and are on a ISP with dynamic IP addresses…).

There’s a link through to an organisation called the Birmingham Foundation, a charity I’d never come across before, they obviously do a lot of good work but don’t like to talk about it.

(photo by ray_wilkes2003)

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