Kong lives

Kong (2), originally uploaded by allybeag.

The old statue of King Kong that people in Birmingham periodically decide they miss is still towering over markets the length and breadth of the country. allybeag on Flickr has found him in Penrith.

She’s even done the research that I’m too hungover to attempt:

“He was designed by one Nicholas Munro in 1972, and made his first public appearance at the Manzoni Gardens near Birmingham’s Bull Ring Shopping Centre, where he stood for about 6 months before being sold to a local car dealer by the name of Carl Racey. Mr Racey changed the name of his business to King Kong Motors and displayed the statue at his premises at the Camp Hill Flyover.

Not long after this, however, Mr Racey sold the statue to Spook Erection, a company that organises various street markets, and in particular, the infamous and sadly-missed Ingliston Market just outside Edinburgh. Here he stood for maybe 30 years, providing a useful focal point for lost children, until the market closed down, leaving many of his fans wondering what had happened to him: there were even suggestions that he’d been melted down!

I was delighted to find him gracing our local market at Penrith, where I hope he’ll develop a new army of fans as loyal as his previous ones. Long live Kong!”

Long live kong indeed.

(ta to Spaghetti Gazetti for finding this.)

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