Kerb your enthusiasm

Birmingham Mail Extra
No it’s not a Hale and Pace revival. Der management here arms folded in traditional local paper ‘disgust’ stance (in our traditional local paper the Birmingham Mail Extra) are Cllr Linnecor and everyone’s favourite renta-quote MP Kahlid Mahmood. They’re upset that despite one of their constituents (the guy crouching front) has paid for his kerb to be dropped, but is having to wait.

“It’s a scandal” all are agreed, not only is it expensive, but there isn’t the option of paying anyone else to do it. This is because, first the council have to give permission and they naturally like control over who makes alterations to their roads and pavements.

£500 is quite expensive, and three months is quite a long time to wait, but not the Cllr, nor the MP nor the Local Government Correspondent has noticed that the guy has driven his monster truck up over the kerb, grass verge and pavement and parked it on his new drive anyway.

That’s not allowed is it? That’s why you have to pay to have the kerb dropped and the pavement re-enforced to prevent damage to gas/water mains and the like.