Great Barr Mining Disaster 1908 Bee Gees, not involved


Birmingham isn’t really known as a mining area, but it has it’s share of history and struggle with the ground as do many towns. The Hamstead Colliery was active from 1875 up to the 60s:

” On the 4th. March 1908, a fire occurred at approximately 5.00a.m. in the inset near the bottom of the downcast shaft. The source of the ignition was believed to be some candles that were stored in a wooden box.When the fire broke out there were 31 miners in the pit, 6 escaped before poisonous fumes built up in the roadways. “

This week the Hamstead Miners Memorial Trust unveiled a monument to miners in Hamstead Village, their website has a ton of background information and history of the mine and the area.

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