Devils, the detail

Regular readers may have noticed unstinting praise here for the work of Speechification, and Stephen Duffy (apart from his time with a fat bloke from Stoke). A joy to bring them both together, take it away speechification:

Before they were in Duran Duran various Duranies, and Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy, were The Devils. And they made a famously lost album called ‘Dark Circles’. The musical stuff is interesting but what’s especially nice is to hear a story of an emerging ’scene’; the post-punk, new romantic world of Birmingham. I first got to The Rum Runner after the glory had faded but it still carried the Duran Imprimatur, a message that you could have a glamourous life without being born in Soho. MP3 here.

Btw the album isn’t lost as such, I’ve got a copy and you can pick it up at Amazon here.

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