Live Brum live

We mentioned Live Brum before, but as of now it’s, er, Live.

Josh Hart has put together the site with the idea of making it as easy as possible to put events in — and getting the listings out in any way you desire. RSS feeds for dates, venues, genres, little widgets for you to pop the event on your blog or website (like the Moseley Folk one below), there’s even a very clever twitter thing coming soon I hear, or you can just browse however you like.

It’s certainly easy to use, almost everything can be clicked on to take you to more listings, or more information and Josh is willing to listen to feature requests and other ideas — as well as working hard still on his own — so it can only get better.

I’m thinking that I might like it to learn what sort of events I attend and push recommendation a little how Amazon does, but as a launch product it’s fantastic. Birmingham might just have got the events listing website it deserves.