We can has daysaver

My new favourite blog is Twmdriver – as the name suggests the blog of a driver on a TWM bus. It’s honest, well written, funny, and has that righteous anger of a world not quite how it should be.

It reminds me a lot of Random Acts of Reality – the blog of a London E.M.T (ambulance driver/medic) – although there, so far, has been a lot less blood. Tom Reynolds the pseudonymious ambulance author has done a fine job in keeping that blog interesting over the years, and it has spawned a book and a radio play. I really hope that Twmdriver can keep it up too.

What might be interesting to other would-be bloggers is that this is not the first time that TWMdriver has tried to start a blog – “I have tried several times to start a blog about my life driving a bus. Each time, though, i have hit a wall and can never think of things to write. Now with the wonder that is Twitter I can post little snippets on the road and then, I hope, expand on them at a later date.”.

There are also as we’ve previously mentioned Bus Driving Birmingham (which is similar in style, so much I originally thought that the new blog was from the same author), and a new one I found in the search Becoming a Brummie Bus Driver.

That’s quite a Brum bus blogroll, these guys deserve your support , both as bloggers and drivers and (as I fear) if TWM decide that they don’t want blogging drivers, I trust you’ll show your displeasure.

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