Place and chips

The Art of Ideas is a three-day music and art event taking place at the Hippodrome this week, we popped along to the first event – Culture & Identity The Role of Place in Shaping the Arts, as did Pete Ashton.

Catherine O’Flynn, Sam Jacob  (FAT, architecture and design) and  James Yarker from  Stan’s Cafe did a brief talk each, then some discussion – and then a Q&A from the floor.

Cath and James both talked about how Birmingham shaped their art: Catherine’s essay is online at the Post – similar in tone to her talk (and I agree with every word). And James’ talk is on the Stan’s Cafe blog.

The Q&A was the same old nonsense that you’d hear at any event where “birmingham” and “art” are mentioned, it was too much about Birmingham, and not enough about art – I was really looking forward to thoughts about why/how/if art is related to place, but it was all about the Council and marketing and The Arts Council and worrying about diversity/integration and representation (worthy subjects for discussion, but not really on topic).

Guess there’s nothing to stop us thinking about this stuff on our own ;) and I’m sure we will continue to.

Related link: Euphoria (mentioned by Cath, but not so easy to find on the web).

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