Cats like Felix like local politics

A surprise new candidate for Mayor hit Birmingham on April 9, in feline form. Felix the cat is campaigning for the UK to be a bit more mischievous during National Mischief Month in April

Felix the cat food are staging a marketing campaign at the moment, not only were they projecting paw prints in the middle of the night onto Brum landmarks and buying a wrap-around in the Birmingham News free paper they were dressed up as cats with placards outside the Council House today.

Unusualy the placards weren’t decrying Single Status, but proclaiming Felix’s candidacy for Birmingham mayor. Now, despite the best efforts of the Mail, Brum doesn’t directly elect its mayor.


  • Do Felix’s advertising agency not know that, unlike London, most cities have an honourary mayor voted for by the council?
  • Do they know, but don’t think we know? Mind you, with the media coverage, a lot of people round here probably think they’ve got to vote for Ken or yellow slapheadman.
  • Are they petitioning the council to recognise Felix for his long service in Brum’s council chambers?
  • Or had they just got a big campaign worked out for London and couldn’t be arsed to even slightly ammend for Brum?

I think I know the answer, and I’m not being catty ;)

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