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Whether it’s the dark and stormy nights meaning we all stay in blogging and coding, or Brum being particularly interesting at the moment, or (as I suspect) the drunken fun of blogging meet-ups forging new connections, there are an absolute ton of new Birmingham-related blogs and sites springing up. The collective noun for a group of Birmingham websites? I’m plumping for “a brewery”.

Blogging Brum is a group blog set up by Mark Steadman – the idea is that bloggers that blog in, but not about Birmingham have a space to talk about the city. It seems to be taking off, and is also a useful hub for blogging meet-ups. I almost wish I didn’t have a load of Brum blogs to write for already so I could join in.

Birmingham Bloggers is an aggregator pulled together by Paul Bradshaw, posts from all the Brum-blogs he can find pop up in the timeline. The site also has a brum twitter aggregator. In a similar vien is Brumspace – from Pete Lewis et al-  which has blog aggregating and a chatspace. There’s also Planet Brum.

WTFisBrum? is Pete Ashton’s brumular take on WFTistwitter? Upload talking-head videos answering the basic question “What the fuck is Birmingham?”

Some changes at upyerbrum, where the front page now does an Ajax-y news river thing and new stories flow past. It’s also getting a bit more use now, which is all the better.

Live Brum isn’t quite ready yet, but I’ve had a look and it has the potential to be the listings site for Birmingham. If Josh Hart can get the information in, the site has the potential to get it out in any form you may desire.

Of course there be more, link us up in the comments…

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