Brum Guide – it’s wiki’d


Brum Guide might look a little bit (or indeed a lot) like Wikipedia, but it’s just for us – it’s to create a guide to Birmingham written by Brummies (and honourary ones), or it will be if we fill it up.

You see it’s a wiki – which means anyone that can see it can edit it, can add pages, can fix mistakes (my poor spelling for example) and we can build up a guide to Brum that contains all the little bits of fun and facts that only we Brummies know.

Think of it like helping to write a Lonely Planet guide – but you didn’t have to explain the currency or weather, just add things that you know about Birmingham. I always marvel at how much there is to learn about the city, how many great places to visit you don’t know about, how much interesting stuff goes on outside our own little enclaves and the city centre.

I’ve started with a few little bits that I’ve copied and pasted from stuff I’ve already written – can you can too if you don’t mind it being part of the guide.

To add something you just do a search – if there isn’t a page related to what you’ve searched for you can start it off. You add the location on a map too – which is all cleverly geo-tagged and will allow clever people to build up map-type things.

Humour me, go and add something, edit something – it’ll only take a minute (you don’t even have to register).

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