Toilets are for customers only

It’s a sign of selfishness, a sign of desperation when you’re waiting for the bus and crossing your legs dying for a wee – but pubs and cafes are entitled not to have their facilities er facilitated by passers-by. The Council are considering a scheme whereby they encourage shops to open up their toilets to the public – instead of providing and maintaining proper public loos (from the Mail).

“In 1996, the number of public toilets in Birmingham stood at 106, now there are just 23” – no doubt this include the paid for “super loo”. A city council spokeswoman said: “Patronage and satisfaction levels are good.” – statistically the number of number ones and twos must have increased on a per piss-pot basis.

This is a stupid idea – shops aren’t always open, pubs are sometimes frightening for some. Conveniences need to be convenient.

It’s very like an idea to encourage shops to give you change for the bus instead of instigating a sensible fare or “oystercard” type system to help with public transport – coming soon?