Month: March 2008

It’s Market Week on BiNS

Bull Ring Market Week is a lovely buy on Ebay for short-term nostaligists. I know neither the Mail and the Council are known for their forward-thinking in design, but this looks a good deal older than 12 years.

Brum Link 18th March

Found this on teh interwebs: Come and See Central Library – The Stirrer – Campaigners fighting for the preservation of Birmingham Central Library have called on a government minister to come and see it for herself. They are demanding protected…

Something to get your teeth into

Thursday at the MAC  Micronormous with members of Misty’s Big Adventure will perform live a new and specially commissioned score, composed by Matt Eaton (Pram, Micronormous) and Grandmaster Gareth (Misty’s Big Adventure), for this special event screening of the Vampire…

LOL Protest

Anonymous – Protest against Scientology in Brum (Indymedia article). Protest, and good sales gimmick for those V for Vendetta masks ;)

Toilets are for customers only

It’s a sign of selfishness, a sign of desperation when you’re waiting for the bus and crossing your legs dying for a wee – but pubs and cafes are entitled not to have their facilities er facilitated by passers-by. The…

Weird, but not science obviously

The Mail reports on a clever piece of publicity (it’s all crap obviously), a report that names Birmingham the UK’s weirdest place. All sorts of odd things are revealed including an alien visit to Rowley Regis: “The strange beings told…

Reassuringly noisy

Youtube Keep on with the campaign for the Spotted Dog guys and gals. Even if St Patrick’s Day is awash with irritating amateur drunks like New Years Eve. Part timers ;)