Month: March 2008

Brum Link 25th March

Found this on teh interwebs: Train accident at the Custard Factory – Alex Hughes's Cartoon Blog – Alex has pictures – fairly spectacular

Noddy or Egg? An Easter Story

Zooming out of the Midlands, wrapped in shiny paper, only seen once every year, re-appearing with monotonous regularity before a major religious holiday. Can be found all year round in obscure places, dusty old Confectioner / Tobacconist / Newsagents in…

Brum Link 19th March

Found this on teh interwebs: Deluka song on for GTA IV – "Indie/Dance band from Birmingham, England named Deluka have their song "Sleep Is Impossible" in Grand Theft Auto IV."

Untitled Document

Dreadful image compression in this month’s Birmingham Bulletin – catchily entitled for web viewers “Untitled Document“.

Gerron yer bike

In a missed opportunity to rank with no-one casting Ian McShane as Fred West in anything yet , the council didn’t get Tony Butler to reprise his eighties catchphrase of “gerron yer bike” to promote Bike Birmingham – the Cycling…

Brum Link 18th March

Found this on teh interwebs: New company aim to promote good live music in Birmingham – Birmingham Mail – Not for profit promotions company, Freakin Legend, aims to give local bands a chance to be heard and to network with…

Vote O’Flynn

We interrupt usual cynicism about awards to bring you this plea from the lovely Luke at Tindal St Press: Vote for Catherine O’Flynn as Newcomer of the Year! Tindal Street Press is very proud that Catherine O’Flynn has been shortlisted…

Brum Link 18th March

Found this on teh interwebs: Millennium Point floor numbers to change « Birmingham Eastside – Sense breaks out in Millenium Point – "Out are G2, G1, G0, L1, L2, L3 (roof space) and L4 (top of IMAX which can be…