No thaw in relations after Bull Ring freeze

“Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre said it stopped a major ‘flash mob’ exercise involving dozens of people.” BBC

“After reconvening at the infamous shitting bull, everyone in the group was in high spirits, the action had been a success, and it was agreed that a celebratory drink was in order. I saw a man in a suit talking to an older lady, who I recognised as being a member of the group. I approached them and listened in to their conversation. It became apparent that the suited man was the Bull Ring (TM) security manager and was complaining to the lady of the inherent dangers of “causing blockages” in the shopping centre (or perhaps the horrifying thought that corporate profit making was interrupted on his watch).” Indymedia

The Birmingham ‘Freeze’ flashmob video is notable for the lack of engagement of the shoppers, the lack of wonder, the lack of reaction (contrast with the NYC version). The reaction of the Bullring killjoy-ish to say the least. It certainly wasn’t “prevented” (poor reporting from the Beeb), but neither does it seem to have been much fun – perhaps a more original idea might have been more exciting?

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