Mistress no more

News reaches us from The Communion (via Russ obviously) that Brum metal legends Mistress have called it a day (this stuff is awash with genre-specific terminology so excuse the copy and paste):

Sludge-grind legends Mistress and rock quintet Exploder have decided to call it a day. The overlapping personnel involved in both bands have been making music together in various forms for a number of years. Multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney’s side project Frost is also to be no more.

Sludge -grind, hmm, I’d been wondering what it was called. Years ago I was dragged by a band-mate from our practice room in Robannas up to see what his friend’s band were doing in their subterranean bunker down the corridor (to tell you the truth you could hear them anyway). I sat sipping a can of Tennent’s and was scared shitless by their sheer power – and the anger of Dave C. As were audiences around the country no doubt over the years.

It made what we were doing sound tired (and what our other mates next-door Coaster were doing sound ancient – Coaster changed many times and eventually front-man Rob found himself in Dexter – now Walk. Don’t Walk it seems), widely differing musical styles, but it was always a bit dispiriting to see that another band had got ‘it’ when you probably hadn’t.

Silver lining on the non-more-black cloud for metal fans is that it might mean more from Anaal Nathrakh.