Being councillor 2.0 doesn’t mean saying sorry after all

Martin Mullaney has announced that he won’t be saying sorry to the owner of the Moseley Tram depot after all:

Both Councillors have now decided that they will NOT apologise.

Councillor Hendricks has accepted the one month suspension. He now wishes to bring his involvement in this episode to a close and has decided not to appeal against the decision made against him. However, he remains committed to working to preserve this Grade II listed building

Councillor Mullaney will be entering an appeal and is prepared to bring the issue to the High Court. As well as saving the building, the also issue has wider implications for other politicians, namely the freedom to investigate and the freedom to raise controversial issues. The finding of the Standards Committee prevents Councillors investigating contentious issues.

He’s also giving out the full story here on his site.


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  1. 29 March 2008 at 7:22 am


    I have a deep-seated and often hysterical mistrust of people in public office even though my wife (Mrs Belm) is a magistrate and everything. So I have little sympathisings with Martin Mullaney, Cllr.

    But then this is about trams, depots and stuff like that and I loves my outmoded forms of transportation. So should I support Mullanney, Cllr in his endevours for the love and cherishment of trams and historical buildings?

    ‘Tis a personal dilemma of near epic proportions – or just a "lot o’ fuss ’bout nothin’ in particular", as Grand-ma-ma Belm was fond of saying.

    Derek (Mr) Belm.

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