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Retail Birmingham is a BID – Business Improvement District – with is (stop me if I’m wrong here) kind of a government approved council for businesses in its area, they have a few tax breaks or something and power to spend a bit of cash on things to improve their locale. They’ve got a new website – lovingly and beautifully designed by local dudes 383.

The site itself is smart, but the content doesn’t seem to know what it is – is it for customers (nice maps and guides, event listing) or the BID itself (don’tcha think that huge title might be a little confusing?) ?

For Brum geeks tho’ – the fun is, subscribe to the RSS feed and get news that doesn’t get the ‘huge Jamelia forehead shot’ treatment on the site – including (how the hell do they calculate?) footfall figures for the city centre:

January footfall figures: -5.8% on last years figures

Birmingham City Centre – busiest days in January

Sat 26 Jan – 284,263

Sat 12 Jan – 242,032

Sat 19 Jan – 238,871

Fri 25 Jan – 206,262

Fascinating stuff – and there’s nice jetwash-porn with before and after pics of when Ramora (a local company for local people) deep-cleaned the streets.

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