Number one: songs in Heaven

Starve in Heaven is a new-at-least-to-me Brum-ish music blog “a home for music.. and debate… rock to rap; from aesthetics to determinism”, it’s nice to see high ideals – and they’re certainly unafraid to lay into people they hate. Sometimes it’s part of the fun of music criticism to define yourselves by what you dislike rather than what you like – the Starving hordes hate Mr Dialysis (who I’ve never heard, but will check out now):

“OK, the Birmingham music scene has become something close to my heart in recent months, and I hate to see the trie which we are capable of producing, in such stark contrast to our rich history. The white-man rap stylings of a certain Mr. Dialysis are my latest sufferances of our recent musical ineptitude.”

And then go on to list twelve reason why they dilike him – bad grammar mostly it seems, bet they hate us too.

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