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L!VE TV - Tiffany’s Big City Tips with Tiffany Banister

I’ve held off mentioning much of the Big City Plan, launched on Wednesday, until I had chance to read it. So often these sorts of initiatives – you know, one’s where there have been consultants – sound great then have little substance to back them up, I didn’t want to make a snap judgement. I’m reading it now – the major problem so far is that the name reminds me of nothing so much as L!VE TV*’s finance programme Tiffany’s Big City Tips.

That said, it all seems positive – and the charter document almost deliberately lacking in actual plan – which is as it should be given that it is a consultation process.

Yer Man Stef has been on this for ages, and has audio, video, commentary.

*L!VE TV featured my favourite ever TV ads – in its Post & Mail building produced local half hours – that’s ‘Kav’s For Lavs’ and the one for JB Fletcher’s car spares “there’s not a lot they haven’t got, in fact I think they’ve got the lot… where’s this of where I speak? Just off Dartmouth Middleway on Great Lister St”. And it put Tony Butler on TV doing a radio phone in. Bring it back!

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  1. 19 March 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Well I have just read it and as you say its is quite thin on the ground in terms of actule sloid plans, BUT! it does seem a step in the right direction for this city, I have spent years (as have all i no) saying things like, “this area could be somthing reallt great if some money was invested” or “this city really needs to grow a local culture” and its seems that for once this is there way of thinking as opposed to the bullring wayof development i.e. get as many birmingham branches of national and international buisness here and then get brummies to work and spend from the same places. The local culture in this city really needs to make its reapperance (much like londons east-end bricklane etc) were locals can work (and not for JDsports), live and socalise all in the same place. This will inspire us who live here and others that visit and its is this I beleave they have in mind, and THAT! I welcome with open arms……saying that, the fact that they have gone and paid a London company “Squint/Opera” to do all the motion graphics and promo film work, does not go without a sense of irony as there are many here (including myself) that are fighting for scraps of work.

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